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Welcome to Carmen's Deli



A Latin family inspired hospitality deli under an umbrella of family-owners, committed and inspired to bringing a special dining experience to the community of Glen Cove. 

The Carmen Family Hospitality Group select the most authentic and holistic ingredients to cook an array of home-made, day fresh and Latin-inspired breakfast, lunch and dinner experience. 

All done with a flare of friendly welcoming atmosphere with community residents and friends at the helm of Carmen's Deli.  And at the end of every delicious homemade meal enjoy a splash of sweet delicacy, you won’t soon forget!










Carmen's Deli is devoted to the local Glen Cove community with a dedication to serving the freshest, most handpicked family sized cooked and baked Latin-inspired food to everyone in the surrounding township and Friends - 

"Our Patrons are our Family", notes ownership.

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